12 September 2012

MPGCalc Again

A few days of using the throttle a bit over actively has seen the mpg drop under 50 again after an improvement.

I tried to stick to no more than an indicated 80 on the clock on the motorways, but a few times I forgot and let it creep up, plus a few traffic jams that were slow going seem to have killed off the improvement over the last four fill ups.

Tomorrow I have a longer trip as we have a Team Away-Day in rural Essex.  Most of the trip will be motorway and there might even be a ford to have a look at.....

It's a bit of fun in reality, and I don't take too much stock in that graph but maybe someone else does.

The free app doesn't calculate as many figures and the history is limited, but 69p and the full app is pretty good.

I don't know if they do it for the other smart phones, but the iPhone app is pretty easy to use.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Interesting app for tracking your mileage.

I am still old school and have to enter my receipt numbers into fully.com, but it works.

Have fun tomorrow.

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