27 September 2012


What a great concept. Reward workers that put those extra hours in the office with a day off in the month after.

When it works it has to be applauded.

Another benefit is when there's an unexpected problem, instead of merely being late, a person can make it up by the end of the month.

Such a case is today.

I arrive at our rural station. The "down" platform chock full of people. Train late?

The arrival time of ours comes and goes. No train.

Smartphones appear in hands. Tap tap. No information on the National Rail app or website.

A cyclist appears. "There's a person under a train at Ashford" he says. Local radio knew. "No trains..."

Some people depart, other hunker down in their cars.

I could go home but... At the service area called Stop 24 I sit in Coffee Republic. Nice latté BTW. Free wifi.

App now up to date and shows trains up to and inc the 1019 cancelled. It's 0840.

What to do?

Good job I had about 6 hours in hand. Shame I was hoping to have a day off in October. After all I have already done the time.

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