8 September 2012

Christmas comes early at Tesco

Whilst doing the "big shop" at Tesco in Cheriton I came across a display for tins (actually plastic nowadays) of biscuits, then a complete aisle full of Christmas treats.

It's September 7th for God's sake. The kids only just went back to school!!!

Commercialism is horrendous. Anything to make a quick buck.


Martha said...

Well it's good to know we suffer the same way. But here we have to go thru Halloween first and that's a massive candy spending affair, so you have us beat in the Christmas push dept.

Trobairitz said...

Wow, I thought it was bad enough they have Halloween candy out. Of course Christmas crap will be lining the shelves even before Halloween is over.

Every year I enjoy not celebrating the holidays a little more and a little more. It sure helps you cope with all the commercial in your face advertising when it holds no interest to you.

InvictaMoto said...

The pics don't do justice to the scale of the problem.

Halloween was never very big here but now due to the US influence on our culture it has replaced 5th November and our traditional burning of Guy Fawkes!

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