18 September 2012

Another 1000

81000 miles
Came a little quicker than I had really thought about it.

I pulled into the kerb in Dalston and took the snap. I also set up the Bluetooth link on my phone to the Scala headset so that I could speak to work.

On the way home the sun was a problem. Virtually all the way home along the A2 and M20 the low sun glared out the mirrors. As expected our car driving compatriots seem unaware that low sun equals low rear visibility.

I stopped on the A20 and took another pic.

GS in the Sunset


Trobairitz said...

Cool picture.

it seems that the sun is at just the right angle these days to blind you from the front in the morning and from behind on the way home.

Soon it will be gray and wet and we won't have that problem, sigh.

Invicta Moto said...

The sun is glaring in the mirrors and the way up, and on the way back.

The problem with going west on the way to work and east on the way back.

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