26 September 2012

Summer went with a bang!

Sadly, back on the train this week. The "summer" that arrived a few weeks ago lasted until Sunday, then the heavens opened.

It washed out our local MAG Fundraiser, with proceeds to the local group and the Kent Air Ambulance.

Incredibly, the Air Ambulance is a charity supported service and not provided as part of the huge tax burden on UK citizens. So they need every penny available. You can read more here.

Overnight rain and high winds meant that only the most hardy riders turned up to the Ocean in Dymchurch.

The idea had been for the three bands, and a supporting disco, to play on a truck-back. The p.a. was setup but in the end it was too dangerous to play outside.  Electricity and water aren't good bed fellows. Unfortunately, that meant relocating into the pub itself and although they do have an area where they have live bands on Saturday evenings, it clashed with the regulars (and locals) weekly dose of live football on the large TV.

Sadly, the organisers (not me!) had to call and cancel two of the bands.  In the end the band that had already arrived went on about 4pm and did a short set despite the moaning from the football fans that they were missing the second live game on the TV.

Similarly affected was the pet food run across the county in Whitstable. It's annoying when things you have no control over ruin charitable events.

The high winds and heavy rain; apparently a month's worth in two nights, have caused flooding around the country, leaving people in temporary accommodation.

And me? Having to use the train to work. As well as costing me about 50% more a week than the bike I am stuck to their timetable and not mine. Even with wear and tear, tyres and servicing, it is still cheaper on the bike. Plus I enjoy it more!!

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