30 August 2012

Tripadvisor? Real World or Cuckoo-Land? Part Two

After reading a few of the madder reviews of places I have been, and having just come back from a trip to France I decided to inject a little less plain text into a few of mine and see what happens.

Maybe share YOUR favourite reviews!

Reviewed 28 August 2012 NEW

As soon as we turned off the road into the parking looking for a coffee store, we found Starbuck's, we realised we had entered a parallel world where designer shops were the norm and normal people were excluded like the snot nosed kid looking at the giant Easter Egg that he'll never afford...

The Village looks like the set from the remake of The Prisoner; fully expecting No 6 to walk around the corner......As we sat outside drinking our latte with Armani opposite and two different Burberry shops around us, having passed Ralph's polo shirt emporium, I fully expected to see some millionaire footballers or film stars. Instead the car park was full of pre-2005 Peugeots and old Fiats.

It was all rather disappointing to see some of last year's must-have fashion at such high prices.

Visited August 2012



Trobairitz said...

That is an honest review you have written and I like the style of the review.

I don't know why we don't usually review places we have been. Maybe I need to start.

Invicta Moto said...

You must. I hardly ever write a bad review without letting the hotel or restaurant know what I am going to do!!

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