28 August 2012

Tripadvisor? Real World or Cuckoo-Land?

When I go away, whether for a night in the UK or longer abroad I tend to look for an area and then check out the reviews on TA and also on booking.com.

You have to laugh at some of them!  Some are downright offensive and you have to take a ruler and strike off the most glowing and the most ridiculous off before you make a decision.

In May when we went across for the MotoGP I looked at the Campanile in Alencon. It was full, but we did have dinner there one night. So, TA, has remembered I had previously browsed.

I had a look through the reviews and came across this one.  Okay, it's not as mindless as the free wifi is too slow or that you can't get baseball on the TV.... But has this women never been to France before?

Restaurants are like homes, dogs are accepted.

""Dog in Restaurant!"

3 of 5 stars Reviewed 5 July 2012

The room was a typical Campanile but in need of a refurb - the catch was broken on the window so we could not leave it open while we were asleep ensuring a very hot night! We had dinner in the restaurant and were disappointed with the Plat de Jour as it was a scrawny lasagne with a huge bowl of lettuce. Our biggest gripe was the fact the a lady was allowed to bring her Yorkshire Terrier into the resaurant which was bad enough but she then sat it on her lap with its head on the table - yuk!!! We have stayed in Campanile for many years bur our experiences this year have led us to look for other accomodation in future."

Gave me laugh at any rate. On many occasions I would prefer a well behaved dog to people's kids.....

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Trobairitz said...

I have to laugh at some of the reviews out there. You never know quite which ones are real or not.

I am with you I'd rather have a well behaved dog than unruly screaming kids any day.

All but service dogs are banned from almost anywhere indoors in this country, (stores and restaurants) but the screaming urchins are allowed everywhere, lol.

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