31 July 2012

Paralympic Games

After last week's brush with the Torch and holding the 1948 Torch I was a bit more enthused. Then the opening ceremony and the theatrics showed that in GB we can match the world.

I'd like to have a look around the Olympic Park but on the website all the £10 admission tickets are either not on sale yet or are sold out.

I shifted my search to the Paralympics. The only tickets for the 1st or 2nd September are for the 7-aside football. At £15 they are a snip.

So I bought two. A chance to see the Paralympians do their stuff and a trip around the park itself.

I can put this on the back burner now until after we get back from France.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Good idea picking up tickets for the paralympics event.

have fun in France.

Oh and I like the new header pic.

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