31 July 2012

Olympic Travel

As it was raining hard I decided to use the train.

The slow train was on time and due to the Olympic timetable the Javelin was already on platform 6 at Ashford.

As for the duration of the games it doesn't go any further I guess it is easier to have it there.

The front carriage is usually full even at 0913. Today there were 5 of us. One got off at Olympic Park. Sadly, to accommodate the tourists and games visitors the regular commuters have been sold a bum deal.

The last train back to Ashford on this route in 21st Century Britain is 2139. That's 9.39pm in real money. Disgraceful.


Trobairitz said...

At least the train was on time. I guess that is something.

Invicta Moto said...

Even more civilised coming home. Queuing system at St Pancras worked well.

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