23 July 2012


Cruising seems to be a fine act of juggling eating with more eating with sleep and trips ashore mixed in.

Since we boarded the ship at Leith we have had two lunches, two afternoon teas, two dinners and two breakfasts.

On Saturday night we cruised south after we had slipped the mooring in Leith near Edinburgh at about 10pm and slowly navigated the harbour to exit via the lock.

Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith
In Leith we shared the harbour with the retired Royal Yacht Britannia.  She still looks good but what a come down after the Queen was forced by the scumbag Tony Blair to let her go.

Arrival in the Tyne was around breakfast and we didn't hurry to eat and get off the ship; in fact it was like the Marie Celeste. In the end we took the coach in to Newcastle and spent a few hours down on the quayside with the iconic Tyne Bridge as one of the attractions.

For me, it's Gateshead on the other side of the river than wins the photo competition!

The Sage (or Dead Silver Slug as the coach driver called it), the Baltic Flower Mill, now an art gallery, and the Gateshead Tilting Millennium Bridge.

Newcastle only had half the swing bridge and halves of the railway bridge and Tyne Bridge itself.

However, Newcastle does have a beach! See pix!

Baltic Flour Mill Arts Centre

The ship set sail again at around 1pm and we stood on deck to watch the progress along the Tyne to the sea. There was an exchange of horns as we slid past the Thompson cruise ship on a nearby berth.

From then on it was a very calm run down the English coast before taking a wider line to avoid East Anglia.

We arrived in Dover around 9am.  


MS Quest for Adventure, Port of Tyne


Gateshead Millenium Bridge and Baltic Flour Mill

North Shields Fish Quay

Tynemouth Priory and Castle

Tyne Bridges

Tyne Bridge

Geordie Beach on Quayside

Gateshead Millenium Bridge


Chris from bestflights.co.za said...

I used to have plans of going on a cruise on my retirement years. The Costa Concordia incident, however, made me think otherwise. Still, I will save money for such trip, just in case I get to build up the courage someday. Stunning photos btw!

Invicta Moto said...

I know what you mean. Costa seem to have had too many incidents about the same time across the globe!

Thanks for the comment.

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