28 June 2012

Halloween Night of Fear

We saw Alice headlining the Saturday night at Download 2011 and he was superb. Tongue in cheek rather than offensive.

Before that I had seen him in the 80's when there was so much fake blood it was a laugh.  

People complained about AC but never bothered with slasher movies that were far more visceral and involved the motive of murdering young girls or dim college boys.

Wembley here we come.


Trobairitz said...

Alice Cooper used to be thought of as offensive and edgy back in the day, but now days with all the crap out there on the interweb and crazy bands I don't think he would still be seen as that way. Is he?

I bet it is a great concert.

Invicta Moto said...

Since he appears regularly in the UK as Vincent Furnier and talks about golf, he has become more liked by all sections of the community!

He was on a chat show recently and someone asked about the snake, he said it was around somewhere.... It had people off their chairs like they were suddenly on fire!

He does a load of classics that the audience can sing along to, like Schools Out, No More Mr Nice Guy and Billion Dollar Babies, plus he chucks in some newer stuff and even covers.

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