13 June 2012

Do not miss out on the Epic Tour

Superb email from Honda. What it really means is "You entered the comp for a free holiday but hey, you lost, now you can watch the smug bastards that did win enjoying themselves!!!"

Too bloody right I will unsubscribe!!!!

Begin forwarded message:

Hi Paul,

The Epic Tour is coming

When we announced the Epic Tour, we said that we wanted to turn your touring dreams into reality. Now it's time to be true to our word.

Seven lucky participants and their choice of pillion riders won a place on the Epic Tour, and will soon explore some of the best motorcycling routes across Europe. They'll be riding on the all new V4 Crosstourer, on a combination of Dual Clutch Transmission and manual bikes.

You'll see the Crosstourer put to the ultimate test, with its Upgraded Dual Clutch Transmission, superior Traction Control System and powerful 1200cc V4 engine taking on everything from the autobahns, to the alpine ranges.

The riders will depart from the UK on the 13th June and the tour will end in Rome on the 22nd. We'll showcase the best motorcycling highlights of each country, bringing this once in a lifetime experience closer to you throughout our blog.


Trobairitz said...

At least they notified you.

When we entered the Triumph Explorer one we didn't even get a follow up 'watch the epic adventure' email.

It had started before we realized we weren't picked, lol.

Invicta Moto said...

They actually emailed on the 13th.... the day the winners set off for European flesh points.

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