16 May 2012

Washed and Ready

Just put a few extra pounds in the tyres front and rear to take it more towards the loaded fast tour pressures.

I usually run 32psi at the front and 36psi at the back but gone to 34/40 for the run to Le Mans.

Once back inside the house will switch to battery charge mode to get the camera and TomTom charged for the weekend. Next to sort out clothes. Will be in bike gear most of the time so will need jeans and a few tshirts. Plus caks and socks.

Toying with netbook as well as the hotel allegedly has free wifi.

Mr Baloo (pic) has been my mascot since 2004 and has brushed up well considering he has been in the beak area for about 8 years now. When they gave him away at a McDonald's they never expected him to last long as a kid's toy.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Mr. Baloo looks all set. He looks like he has held up very well for being being almost 8. Bears must have good genes.

Have a great trip.

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