18 May 2012

TomTom kaput!


Why did I buy a TomTom?  I have only had it three months and it's only it's third trip out and it has gone wrong.

It was working on the bike all the way here to Alençon. But when I came to set the route for tomorrow for the run to Le Mans,  it was dead. I thought it may have been simply discharged.  But the problem seems to be when it is turned off it fires up again, so the battery flattens itself, unseen, in the case.

I had already logged a call with them for a rattle, some screw loose or something.

Now I am one day into the long GP weekend and it is not working.  Fantastic.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

ruh roh.

You're going to have to go the old fashioned way and buy a map.

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