19 May 2012

Le Mans - Day 1

Gros Horloge

The day started well. Sunny. Met Woody at the Stop 24 services and fuelled up and the had 3 mile ride tithe Shuttle.

The train was packed with bikes all heading one way or another the 250 miles to Le Mans or thereabouts.

Our first stop was Rouen for lunch and a look around the old city.

The cathedral was being renovated and we were unable to see the statue of Joan of Arc.

We did see the old clock down a side street and went to have a look.

The final hundred or so miles off toll roads took us in a strange loop when we expected the N138.

We arrived at the hotel about 5pm. A quick change and we were out again to the supermarket to buy provisions for Saturday's practice day.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Have a great day today.

Thank you for the clock picture.

I love architecture pictures but especially of old buildings etc, rather than modern.

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