11 April 2012

Train essentials... Coffee and a paper

A free copy of the Sun. What better pick me up in the morning?

Where else could you see Beyonce and husband on the beach? Rihanna's arse in its full glory? Read about celebs... Cheryl dropping Cole from her name?

Only in a British tabloid.

Who needs news?

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Trobairitz said...

News? What is this news you speak of?

Why is it most of what we see in papers or on TV is about so called 'celebrities'.

Maybe if studios stopped paying them a ridiculous amount of money to do their job it would take them down a peg..... probably not, sigh.

On a side note, our news in the USA seems so censored I think without the internet we'd be lost on what is happening outside our borders. We were used to world news when we lived in Canada and it was a shock moving to the USA in 2001 on how little we heard about the rest of the world.

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