8 April 2012

Supporting Arsenal

Supporting Arsenal, originally uploaded by InvictaMoto.

Sometimes it is a labour of love. Often unrequited but sometimes there are days when it all comes together.

Days when on paper things might not go to your plan. Today could have been that day.

The deck was stacked against us. The worst referee possible in Atkinson. The opposition, Manchester City, "shit club no history", the highly priced assembly of rent-boys owned by yet another Arab billionaire.

Money doesn't buy class but it does seem to buy limited success. Rather than mid table mediocrity or being merely bottom feeders, City are pressing, or were pressing until recently, for their first league championship since something like 1968 or 69.

Sheikh Wotsit has spent £210m (at least) and has some of the finest players available.

Arsenal, my Arsenal, haven't spent that much in 20 years let alone 2!!

But we had heart. We had bollocks. We had most of everything. More possession, more shots on target. The posts saved City twice before a £10m midfielder stepped up to smash a shot a full 25 yards into the City net. Mikel Arteta we love you.

Their response? More petulance, more diving, more cheating.

Manchester City - no amount of money can buy class.

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