18 April 2012

Disney 2

I have had an hour of looking for hotels. Budget of course!

On Tesco's Clubcard site there is a link where I can turn £25 of vouchers into £75 of travel money.  The Shuttle for a car is in the region of £95 for a five-day crossing.  So ontop of the vouchers it will be about £20 in real hard earned money.

Next stop, booking.com to look at hotels to fit in to the plan.  Sunday night in a Premiere Classe in Torcy.  Average reviews but the idea is it is somewhere to sleep the night before a day of queuing for rides (glass half empty view) or a day of excitement on the rides (glass half full view). 

Two nights in Epernay so we can visit a few champagne houses and then home from our mini-break. The hotel has parking on-site, is a few minutes from Moet & Chandon and has free wifi to record all the details!

Attached map gives a rough idea of the trip.

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Trobairitz said...

Me thinks you're going to have fun.

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