13 March 2012

Too good to be true?

I bet we've all done it? What you may ask?

You know, you see the news report of the ATM that keeps regurgitating cash until the banks turns it off or it runs out of money, or the truck that crashes and everyone gets a free pizza or tv, and you gnash your teeth. 

"It never happens to me!"

1 x iPad Wi-fi 4G 64GB Black
Catalogue No: 213-2623
Our Ref (TPNB):  71567315
£49.99 (1 @ 49.99 each)

What if some dashed into your office with the above deal.

Obviously a mistake, as that sucker is more like £649.99, but you'd order one or more right? After all "it's your turn".

Well, it was and I did. Not greedy, just the one.

But what are the chances of them delivering it? None or sweet Fanny Adams?


Trobairitz said...

I think if you can find an error or sweet deal like that it is your duty to take advantage of it in honor of the rest of us who paid full price.

Fingers are crossed the company honors it.

Paul Devall said...

Somehow I reckon Tesco will get out of it. I told a few mates and they all ordered...

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