14 March 2012

Ride to Work Day?

With the weekend approaching and the Ride of Respect I need to get some miles under my belt. Since the MoT last weekend I have managed about 25 miles. The RoR is about 175 miles each way from home.

Usually by this time I have been on the road for a few weeks and fully tuned in.  So, as my train ticket ran out tonight I think I need a couple of days on the bike, especially as the weather in supposed to be good for the next few days.

For the RoR itself, the weather is not forecast to be that good. 

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Paul Devall said...

At never happened. I woke up early on Thursday and there was a thick frost on the cars.

I felt a wuss, but by the time I was on the road to the station, the water run off from the fields had frozen. Felt better.

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