26 March 2012

Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride - June 30th

Another date for the diary. After the success of the last ever Ride of Respect, our next "charity ride" to raise funds for charities that support out service men and women after they have been in combat, is the Allied Memorial Remembrance Ride.

We have been on this this run for the last two years and we will take a ride up there again this year.  Registration opened this weekend and I booked both my brother, Woody (not his real name but his Mild Hog name), and myself on.  It only costs a fiver and the cause is the Royal British Legion. I've advertised it widely and nothing has taken as yet but it's early days.

Although never a serviceman myself, I have relatives that have served their country in time of war and in peace.  My father, Claude, was in the Royal Navy in Malaya and Korea.  Other relatives served during WW1 & WW2.  Some didn't come home, some did and were never the same after being prisoners in the "care" of the Japanese.

We owe a debt to all these men and women that have laid down their lives for us to live in a free democracy.

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