10 February 2012

Smile before the weekend

Smile before the weekend

Because it's important to smile on a Friday and prepare for the weekend, I thought you'd like a little good news.

Firstly, AMM (Asociacion Mutua Motera) our partner organisation in Spain, has convinced the government to make filtering legal and the wearing of earplugs. Yes, you read that right, wearing earplugs has been illegal in Spain. So next summer maybe you'll choose Brittany Ferries and sail round France to Spain for your holidays.

Secondly, you may remember taking part in an EU Consultation on PTI or Periodic Technical Inspections (MoTs) over 18 months ago. The consultation was released online and in English only, even though it would be affecting countries where English is not the first language and the questions were dreadfully constructed (leading to an official complaint). The website 'suffered technical issues' when all you activists started responding so it was pulled, but FEMA got it reinstated a few days later. Then we heard that because so many British people responded, who said their main mode of transport was motorcycle, the results may have to be weighted as it wouldn't be fair!A public consultation that the public dared to respond to!

Anyway, I can't tell you that the PTI regulation has died, because the EU Commission never announces that they've withdrawn a proposal, but I can tell you that most EU Impact Assessments on proposed regulations are completed within 12 months of a Consultation closing.
It's been 18 months since the Consultation closed and most of the staff involved in the early days of this legislation have moved to greener pastures...

The hardest thing about this job, is that a success can be measured when nothing happens..

And finally, we always reiterate that MAG is non partisan, but just occasionally it's good to laugh, so please see below a fantastic recent MEP reply from Plaid Cymru in Wales

Many thanks for getting in touch, there have been many of you and it's clearly an important issue. There is currently ongoing negotiation between the Parliament and the Commission on this issue, with my group in the Parliament supporting the calls you have made regarding tractors, agricultural vehicles and quad bikes. These talks are ongoing, but I will continue to make sure your voice is heard in those discussions. I will update you of any progress as and when it happens. Regards, Jill Evans MEP Plaid Cymru

I don't want to hear any jokes about Harleys, but it's good to know she read the letter

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