27 February 2012

New Toy - TomTom Urban Rider Europe

I bought a new satnav to replace the still working but out of date Garmin Quest.

The Quest has been perfectly good since I bought it in late 2004. But since 2009 there have been no map updates as Garmin decided that they would no longer supply maps and support the device.

I looked at another Garmin but they were so expensive that I had a look around on Google and then the TomTom website and found the outlet store.

The one I bought came in three days from Holland, is refurbished but there is no sign that it's not new. The Ram mount is unmarked as it all of it.

The decision to go to TomTom was motivated not just by the fact that it was half price as a refurb, but also that I was not happy with Garmin's attitude to selling the map upgrades for the Quest.

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