15 February 2012

Mimoyecques V3 Trip - 22 April 2012

The plan for this year's SOC (and others!) Spring Day trip is to visit the V3 "Revenge Weapon" site at Mimoyecques near Calais. The date is April 22nd 2012.

My plan is to go as early as humanly possible to get t the V3 site before lunch.  This might be the 0825 P&O crossing or even earlier at 0735, depending on where everyione is coming from.  It also depends on the cost (at the time of writing P&O not accepting day ticket sales), the Shuttle maybe better for timing and cost.  The Shuttle is much quicker.

The ride is all off motorway and is in all about 55 miles.  The plan was to attract those that may have little or no experience of riding abroad and who also may have a smaller capacity motorcycle.

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The V3 Site is here:

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Following the visit, the plan is then to head across country to Wimereux (or Boulogne itself) , for lunch.  Wimereux has an abundance of restaurants and they should cater well for us.

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After lunch we can have a ride back towards Calais and the boat home along the (mostly) coast hugging D940. This is one of the finest roads in the area and is usually pretty full of local bikers enjoying a ride out.

Also, there are two further WW2 museums at Ambleteuse. The best is the Todt Battery, housed in a massive German Blockhaus.

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Trobairitz said...

Looks like fun. I hope you wake up that morning to sunny skies. April weather around here is unpredictable at best.

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