6 January 2012

Developments in France

The French Government has finally confirmed how it will implement new regulations for bikers regarding reflective clothing and number plates.

As of 1st Jan 2013 it will be an offence, punishable through a fine and the loss of points, (in France you lose them, don't gain them) not to wear at least 150cm2 of relective clothing between the waist and the shoulders and not to be using an enlarged number plate.

You may remember that this was first mooted as an accident reduction issue, but most accidents involve 125cc bikes and below, and these are exempt from the new rules.

Riders in France must already use their headlights all the time and carry reflective stickers on their helmets.

You may also remember that the French Government then said the regulations were to ensure other motorists could see if riders were lying in the middle of the road at night...

FFMC's Frederic Jeorge said "It will be considered almost as bad as driving without a helmet, even if you are wearing full leather armour, on a bike with the headlights on and knowing that our helmets already have 4 mandatory reflective
stickers... Also, it will NOT include the mopeds and 125cc, where's the logic?"

Logic? I'm not sure that's generally considered when creating legislation for motorcyclists.

Kind regards

Paddy Tyson
Campaigns Co-ordinator
MAG (UK) - Motorcycle Action Group


Trobairitz said...

So the message they are really sending is that if you ride under a 125 cc bike or a moped and you crash at night and are lying in the middle of the road you either 1) become fully reflective all on your own; or 2) no one cares if they can't see you in the road if you were on a small bike.

Don't you just love what a legislature can come up with.......not.

SonjaM said...

Oh great, so does that mean if I as a foreigner travel the roads in France I have to pave myself over with reflective stickers which I can then peel off again after border crossing?
And small motorcycles are not included? Somebody must just hate two-wheeled individuals. What a load of BS this law is, or maybe just a cash grab as so many other stupid regulations.

Paul Devall said...

As usual poliicians want to be seen to be doing something whether or not they aim they aim the bullets at the right target.

Evidence shows most accidents happen to 125cc and under bikes, so they are exempted.

Maybe France should look to driver education and maybe more alcohol reduction policies!!

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