19 December 2011

New Battery - Odyssey PC680

Not having any power in my garage means that I am unable to attach a trickle charger to my battery to keep it in tip top condition.  I then suffer the problems of a dead one and end up jumping the bike a few times from my Punto. 

This has worked successfully for a few winters, but sadly, although it starts, the standard BMW battery is now officially NFG!

So after asking the question "Odyssey or OEM?" on a few forums I have bought an Odyssey PC680 from a UK retailer and hopefully it will arrive between Christmas and New Year.  It's not the kind of expenditure a person needs in the run up to Christmas, but the deal I got saved about £25.

Fingers crossed that god's gift to batteries fits (!) and does what it is supposed to do.

Buy a big dog and hope it can bark loud. That's the Odyssey.  We'll see.

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