12 December 2011

London Cyclists' Problems

The statistic that 16 cyclists have died on London's roads ought to be a stark reminder of how dangerous things can get for users of powered and non-powered two wheeled vehicles alike.

As a fair weather motorcyclist, that now only commutes in the summer to Islington, I have witnessed a few near misses over the last 15 years, both motorcycle/scooter and cycle.

If you want to live longer:
  • Don't ride up the inside of trucks and buses that are in the nearside lane. They may be turning left!
  • Don't ignore their flashing indicators!
  • Don't push to the front into the blind spot under their bumpers where the driver can't see you.
  • Don't cycle along with your iPod blaring in your ears!
  • Don't assume everyone else can see you.

It makes me shudder to see cyclists squeeze between trucks and the railings. The gap barely wider than their handlebars. Crazy.

Do ride defensively and be aware how vulnerable you are. It isn't rocket science. THINK!


Mike said...

Good advice there!

Highwaylass said...

Any buy some fecking lights....

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