4 November 2011

Train Etiquette?

For the last eleven years the bulk of my commuting has been by train.
Why? It's simply distance and time. Although when you take into account the daily cost of my train season ticket, monthly, it works out at about £15 to £17 a day depending on the length of the month.
Before you factor in the other costs of using the bike; tyres, servicing, insurance and road tax as well as petrol, the bike is actually MORE expensive. At the current rip-off rates it costs about £18 to fill the tank everyday.
Okay, back to the train. Etiquette amongst seasoned commuters is that you sit down. First on chooses where. Later arrivals take what's left. If in a seat with the aisle or a table you do not sit opposite the person if seats are free. We all need our leg room.
If someone is sitting on an aisle seat and the window seat is free it is perfectly okay to ask them to let you by. Real words tend to work better than grunting and pointing. You never ask the person to give up their seat by sliding across.
With this in mind, the tripper that got on this morning grunted, pointed and them between shouting down her phone asked me to move to the window seat!
I refused. Why? The window seats are the worst. The wall of the train is freezing except on summer days. The window is cold, but most of all when the train arrives at your station you are trapped and no matter how much of a hurry you are in, you have to wait for the dullard next to you to move before you can get your stuff off the overhead racks!!
More to come!!!

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