8 October 2011

Knobs on bikes

Last weekend I had the misfortune to be on the A28 between Tenterden and Ashford and in the car. The clowns on bikes that came zooming up, cutting in and out of the cars, forcing oncoming cars to swerve to their left ruined all the good work we do with the charity runs; pet runs, air ambulance, Easter egg and Christmas toy runs etc.

Double white lines? 30 limits? Mean nothing to these knobs. In Kent you can ride as fast as you like without much chance of seeing a copper or camera.. So why piss along through the villages?

It was a miracle that another biker's family weren't getting the knock on the door and the "sorry for your loss" spiel.


Mike said...

Aye, its disappointing when you see folk riding like a twat. I done my fair share of nobish riding, when I think back it puts the shits right up me!

Trobairitz said...

I always hate it when asshats like this go around and ruin our hard earned responsible motorcyclist reputations.

Karma will come back and bite them, but at the same time it sure doesn't help our image.

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