25 September 2011

Action Now! EU Hands Off Biking

My run was as far as Stop 24 via the Airport Cafe. The Airport was chocked full. I saw about half of them at the services later. I assume my deodorant is the wrong sort as the rest of the centre went to the Blue & White.

I ended up at Stop 24 at about 1150, met the organiser and started marshalling the arrivals a while later. My next job was counting the bikes as they left. I missed a few I know but counted 282 inc the coppers and me.

The official count was nearer 400 or so I have been informed.   I must be innumerate.

After everyone had left about a dozen late arrivals turned up and all but one went off to join the column.

My run ended as unpaid PRO for MAG and the run explaining to the people at Stop 24 why we were doing it. At 1.30pm I managed to get away and went home.

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