30 August 2011

Haggis for dinner

Haggis.  Ornery Little Critter. You hardly see them in the wild, and it takes a specially licenced hunter to go and catch them.

The two families that I buy from are the MacSweens and the Halls.

Once caught, skinned and dissected it can be cooked in a microwave, although many afficioados leave them in their skin and boil or better, steam them. Although in their homeland of Scotland, they are often consumed in the form of a sausage either in batter or without, and deep fried. Yum.

They can be served with traditional tatties and neeps, but in this instance it comes with boiled spuds and baked beans.

The Hall's haggis is milder than Mac Sween and some others, far less peppery.

This time it was washed down with Bing rather than Irn Bru or beer and there was no dram either.


Trobairitz said...

I've always wondered what haggis tastes like. I've heard mixed reviews.

We were in San Francisco last weekend and were in a Scottish import store. They had cans of vegetarian haggis. Somehow it didn't sound quite right even for a vegetarian such as myself.

Invicta Moto said...

It's hard to describe!

But I know of no Scotsman that would consider a vegetarian haggis!!

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