11 June 2011

Download Day 2

Day 2 and up early for breakfast so that we could be out nice and early.

In the end we had the full English to set us up for the day. First stop B&Q to buy some camping chairs! There are hundreds on the hillside overlooking each stage.

Once bought we dropped in at Decathlon and had a browse about abs Claire bought a new fleece. Then into Trowell services for a Costa and to buy lunch at M&S! Salad and some mini shortbreads.

Then on to Donington. Light traffic and an enlightened parking person that pointed us to a tarmac parking area nearer the entrance.

Once in we set up camp slightly to the left if the stage in front of one of the screens.
Today's bands were:

Rise to Reason
Rock Sugar
Dan Reed
Dio Disciples
Mr Big
Cheap Trick
Twisted Sister
Alice Cooper

I liked all of them but Claire less enthusiastic about R2R and DD.

Tomorrow we gave decided less of them in the day interest us so we'll drive home.

If it takes as long to get home as it did coming we'll have chosen well...

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