10 June 2011

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Where to start? In the end set a leaving time of 10am as we couldn't book into the B&B until 2pm. That had to be done before going to the festival site.

Roadworks? Had I realised there would be so many I would have taken odometer readings! Firstly traffic queued into Dartford tunnels. No reason given but later Radio 2 Said one tunnel had been closed. Then roadworks from practically the tunnel mouth to the the A127. More at the A1 all the way to the M1, then M1 from J9 to J13...

Britain is up to its neck in debt so why waste money on road building? Job creation? Or wealth creation for the knobs that own the construction companies and their shareholders?

Then the M1 was closed south from J21 to J20 due to a major accident. Cue five mile tailback northbound so we could rubberneck. When say we I don't mean me as I deliberate don't look.

Finally arrived at Hogs Head in Awsworth about 1530!!! Booked in and straight out to Donington.

No problems getting in but so late managed to get to see Thin Lizzy, Alter Bridge, The Darkness and Def Leppard.

Mixture of showers and occasional brighter spells in the gloom but great so far.

At least not the oldest on site!

Back tomorrow after breakfast!

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