6 March 2011

First Ride of the Year

It has taken longer than usual to get out on the bike this year. 

After a long lay up in the garage the battery was flat. I had already charged up the spare battery out of the Kettle but it did have the oomph to provide a charge big enough to fire the bike. It started very easily this time, but after 20 minutes running on the drive I turned it off and it wouldn't start. I whipped off the starter motor cover and hooked it up to the Punto again. 

Cal from the Kent Centre dropped by to pick up some cards I had made for the Centre. I togged up and followed him for a while then headed up through West Hythe, then Lympne. Then a little nip down the M20 to give it a few more revs. Then off by the tunnel, over the downs via Peene and off to Stowting and a look at the Tiger Inn, from the cars outside it looked packed, then out via Brabourne to Ashford and another squirt down the motorway and home. Forty five miles to see if I can get a charge in the battery! Good to be out on the bike again. 

Can't wait for the summer to come round!

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