17 November 2010

Motrax "HotSeat"

When I saw this gadget/accessory in the Motrax Catalogue it did cross my mind what a pathetic sort of fair weather biker would spend their hard earned cash in this.

The answer is me. Not just for me you understand, but to share with Mrs Moto.

The seat pad comes with an inline on/off switch, and fuse on the red lead. The lead can be broken apart with a waterproof connector.

The leads end with a pair of battery terminals. I chopped these off and fitted a BMW style Hella plug so I can use the power socket on the GS.

On the first test the pad warmed up pretty quickly. I

The wiring harness is long enough to reach the back seat and the straps that velcro under the seat look a bit short but fit okay and should fit either GS seat.

The fuse holder looks a bit flimsy and not particularly watertight. I had thought about shrouding in a piece of bicycle inner tube, but could I find the one I replaced on my cycle recently?  Nope.

The other consideration is that the Hella plug is a bit long. If I can get a stubby one it might mean less contact with my left boot.

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