28 November 2010

Summer 2011 - Czech

It's way back in 2004 (blogged here) that we last went to Czech to see my friends from the Gymnázium in Zastávka.  We have made plans before and have had to cancel for one reason or another.

So here we are again. This time we have the added complication of the world banking system cocking up the lives of millions of us. 

As well as visiting friends in and around Brno I want to make the Czech MotoGP my big race of the year. 

On the way out towards Czech I have been looking at Youth Hostels (http://www.djh.de/) and budget hotels on the Internet.

The first couple of days are about 300 miles, but we have all day to do the mileage and then a load of shorter days.

Plan A:
  1. Home to Bochum (Germany) and stay in Formule 1 (booked).
  2. Bochum to Colditz. Stay two nights in YH (booked) which is actually the famous WW2 Castle. Castle tour in the morning.
  3. Colditz to Liberec.  Stay in Hotel Orion (booked).
  4. Liberec to Brno via Hradec Kralove where I hope to see my friend Rosta Kříž.
  5. Brno for the GP and stay with my friends, Lilka and her Family,  in Popuvky near the circuit.
And then? Need to think about the return journey.

I'm leaning towards the S23 (with a quick turn along SportovnÍ in Zastávka to see my old flat) route from Brno as far as it goes and then into the Šumava and across into Germany.

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