23 June 2010

Bon Jovi - free tickets

Got an email this morning.... I forgot I had even entered.  Typical!!  Win tickets and won't be here as we will be in Holland!

Dear Standard Reader,
Congratulations - you were successful in your application to win a pair of tickets to see Bon Jovi this Saturday (26th June) at the O2 Arena.

Please report to the main box office (outside the arena – far left window as you face the entrance) between 5.30pm and 7.30pm to collect your tickets. Please have some form of ID with you. You will be on the Evening Standard competition winners guestlist.
Enjoy the gig!
Evening Standard promotions

And they aren't transferable.


Anonymous said...

tell them! they can reissue to someone else who entered!

Invicta Moto said...

I have. First I emailed to see if they would let a friend go and they said they aren't transferable.

So I replied to suggest they pick a new winner from the hat and let someone else enjoy the gig.

Anonymous said...

hope whoever has them has a great time - shame you could not go - i had also entered for the saturday tix but was not so lucky :-(

Anonymous said...

Hallo ik heb ook kaartjes gewonnen voor morgenavond maar krijg niemand mee! Zaterdag zou ik echter wel kunnen...!! Het zou heel fijn zijn als ik uw kaartjes voor zaterdag over kan nemen. Ik heb dan wel een kopie van ID nodig, hoop niet dat dat een probleem is? U zou me hier erg blij mee maken!!!!

Anonymous said...

ook wel handig, mijn emailadres: l_ostermann@hotmail.com

Invicta Moto said...

Sorry, ik heb nooit de tickets. Wanneer u uw opmerking gemaakt dat ik in Nederland.

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