7 May 2010

WNR - They thinks it's all over

It is now.

I got into Hythe and there was a sudden graunching noise from the rear end followed by oil.  Rear drive bearing gone.  Luckily (!) not too far from home and not at any speed! I managed to sms Steve to tell him I was out and emailed Andrew.

Now to get it repaired. Carole Nash breakdown said that when I get it booked in somewhere they will collect it and take it for me.  So far have emailed Cooper's and Steptoe. At least there's no hurry now as long as it gets done before we go to Assen!!

See the full trail here:

1 comment:

CBD Photography said...

I'm really sorry you couldn't make your rally. Just thankful it happened close to home and not yesterday on the motorway :)

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