11 March 2010

Normandy Trip - August 2009 - Day 3

The plan had been to include Pegasus Bridge into the main beaches day but as it turned out it's a good job we didn't as Day 2 was pretty full.

We had a late breakfast and we set off for the Bridge a little later that anticipated.  The new bridge was open and we had to wait in a long column of traffic waiting for it to close.  I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed by the place. 

We parked alongside the Gondree cafe with a few other bikes The cafe was full of British tourists having lunch and we had a drink across the road before we decided to move on to Ouisterham.

Pegasus Bridge, originally uploaded by Invicta Moto.

Pegasus Bridge, originally uploaded by Invicta Moto.

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The weather was a bit chilly and we had a walk through the village near the casino and had lunch! We always have lunch.

We had a gentle ride back down to Caen and parked the bike up round the corner from the hotel and went in to change into civvies.

Once dressed in our non-biker clothes we had a walk around the city again in search of Old Caen.  Most of the city was bombed during the war and there was a little bit near the castle that was from the middle ages or so.

Enjoying an expensive beer and menthe a l'eau

Our thoughts turned to food but the Moroccan restaurant still wasn't open and so we had a walk down to into the town via the Abbaye des Dames.

In the end we opted for a cheaper meal!  Across from the Cathedral was a simple, but very popular, kebab house. For the price of a starter in a restaurant we ate like, well not exactly kings, although it was very tasty. It might look a little pink but it was fully cooked and for €6.50 it came with frites et un boisson.

Once this was knocked off we went in search of an ice-cream for pudding. Then time for bed.  Tomorrow was the last day of the trip and we had to be off home.

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