28 April 2010

Real football

Last night I had another trip to Folkestone to watch Invicta in the play-off for promotion to the Ryman Premier.

Grass roots local football with all the passion on the terraces that would shame 99% of Premier League clubs.
Invicta shouldn't have been there though. As the side that have won the most games in the division they should have been Champions after last week's draw with Croydon. Instead they were penalised with a ten point reduction for going into administration.

How docking points does anything more than kick a dog when it is down is anyone's guess. Why should the loyal supporters and the players be penalised? In the current economic climate we should be supporting clubs and the communities they represent.

Invicta have teams right through from small boys to the girls team to the youths and the Ryman side. They even have a side for the disabled.

It's a shame that those in charge of football in this country are so out of touch with the game they make a living out of. Maybe it is time we cleared out all the old tossers at the FA? Get rid of the parasites that jet round the world at the game's expense.

And use the money to support the grass routes instead.

Another source of income would be for the glory hunters who despite buying the latest Manchester United or Chelsea shirt never actually go to a game, and couldn't put a pin in the city where "their" team play on a map, got off their arses and went to a local non-league game once in a while.

In the end the game swung from end to end with Invicta taking the tie on penalties.

Harsh on the night for Leatherhead. But to be fair they were 5th and a long way back on points after the regular season finished.

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