15 March 2010

Service Day - 60000 miles

Maybe the service needed to have come before the long run to Wootton Bassett yesterday?

The bike ran pretty well even so but I needed it to have its annual service. After 66000 miles I tend to have it serviced when I can afford it and when I think it is about time to get it done.

More often than not I take it to Neil Harrison aka Steptoe in Kingston upon Thames (or pretty close!). It's a long run round the M25 from my house and then with his loan bike I make the trip back up to Islington for work.

Today the M25 was worse than I have ever experienced it. Ebbing and floing, then stopping dead for no apparent reason! In the end my ETA at Neil's was 0900, and it was about 0910. The final leg from the M25 past Chessington World of Adventures (it used to be Chessington Zoo in my day!!) is a nightmare of 30mph nanny state speed limits and cameras.

Neil loaned me a G-regd K100 and it was a bit of getting used to. Especially as it has no left mirror. It is amazing how you come to rely on them, and I monitor mine constantly, and when you have a blank on one side, learning to look further behind is no easy matter in the cut and thrust of London traffic.

London is a tease. Through some lights the road is clear and 200 yards further on the traffic is solid again. Just when you got to laughing about the mugs in the left turn lane caught in a jam! The A3 at the top of Roehampton Rise goes under a flyover and then from three to one lane in 200 yards! Chaos. Add a few halfwits in cabs and white van man. And life is er... varied.

The bike is having the full service that Neil does for £200. This is a vast saving on the dealers. The last 12000 (multiple of) I had done was in France and it was over €300 at a time when there were a more than currently to the £.

Not long now to logging off and going to get it.

Contact: Neil Harrison - http://www.gsshop.biz/

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