13 August 2009

Tech-7 W/P Pants & Braces (Black)

I'm on my third pair of these. It's taken over four years to get through them though.

I've been happy with them over all. The price has crept up over the years and so has P&P from the suppliers. I have bought them all from M&P.

The first pair gradually met their maker when they started to leak around the crotch, leaving me a little damp. The second pair were better, didn't leak at all, but a moments attention deficit and I ripped the leg on the rear footrest of the bike. After that they leaked rain even with a large elastic band to help stop them flapping.

So three weeks ago I bought another pair. Sadly this pair hasn't lasted very long at all. The zip went on the left leg!

No problems when I put them on at work. Both zips are what I call "small teeth" rather than the chunky zips and are very easy to jam with the backing getting caught in them. So I take extra care, so was even more pissed off when I got home and the zip had split open.

I dropped M&P an email this morning using their emailed receipt and within an hour Stacey had replied to say that they would put a replacement pair in the post today.

Excellent customer service.

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