14 August 2009

Bikers Gear - Armoured Cordura Trousers

First impressions

Good fit and as they are waterproof I had them over my boots. I see loads of blokes every day with waterproofs tucked into their boots... what happens when (and it will in England!) it rains?

Anyway, no tight spots as I cocked a leg over the seat of the GS. The knee armour needed to be pushed into the right place as it seemed to be ideal for the knock-kneed. The hip armour was comfortable.

The only concern I had is that with a 32" leg length, that they might be too short when on the bike. They are only supplied in 30" and 32". Whether that is only in fat sizes I can't tell.

Once on the M20 and up to cruising speed there was a little flap from the calf area and this may be down to the diameter of the legs and perhaps I need to be a little more ruthless with the Velcro that goes around the bottom of each leg, and tighten it more.

From the seating position it is hard to look at your own ankles (!) so I can't say how high they ride up the boot, time will tell.

So after one 75 mile ride I was impressed with the fit and feel of the trousers. Maybe if I am unlucky I'll get to test how waterproof they are!

Considering they were only £39.99 plus postage from the EBAY shop of Roland Brana they seem pretty good VFM!

If you can't find them on EBAY, I'm sure Roland wouldn't mind you emailing him for details and to buy a pair -

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