29 June 2009

The Run Back - Assen 2009

The plan for the run back was to set off after breakfast and head towards the Afsluitsdijk and then south past Amsterdam, rejoining the route up around Utrecht.

After petrol and a detour around Sneek we eventually found the top of the dijk. The reason for the detour was one of mapping and roadworks. I took a wrong turn at a newish roundabout that was shown on the Garmin but not with as many of the exits as exist now. In the end our position was shown with our marker in the middle of a blank area.

After a few detours we got back to the A7 and headed off without any further mishap. The first stop to have a look and take a drink at Breezanddijk. Amazingly here, less than halfway across the dyke was a caravan park to go with the small harbours housing a load of pleasure boats.

From that point it was all plain sailing (as it were) via the Amsterdam ring, then Utrecht, Breda, Antwerp and Gent.

We had a few stops for petrol and water intake arriving back at Calais with an hour or so to spare.


Rob said...

What a perfect bike and ride!!!

Gordon said...

Looks a cracking trip. Great racing, and lucky with the weather too.

Invicta Moto said...

Racing was great and such a pity I didn't have a decent camera to get some pix of Rossi with his 100 banner!

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