7 June 2009

Kent Pet Food Run - June 7th

When we arrived at the Stop 24 services there were three bikes waiting for us, Steve (VFR750), Brian (Bandit 1250) and Mark (BMW R1100S). We were soon joined by Neil on his XJR. At least there was one Suzuki present for the Suzuki Owners Club run!

On the way to the meeting Claire and I had been most of the way to the kennels to check the road closure on Stone Street. As it was we would be turning left about 50 metres before the barriers and the diversion.

Kent Pet Run, originally uploaded by Getzgirl.
Me and Cee-Cee.

Kent Pet Run, originally uploaded by Getzgirl.
Me and Cee-Cee.

I called run leader Graham to tell him and caught them as they left the first meeting place at the Oakdene Cafe.

Kent Pet Run, originally uploaded by Getzgirl.
Me coughing up into the collection box!

After some of the group porked their way through a breakfast we adjourned outside to wait for the Oakdene group.

Our six people on five bikes became 12 people on 8 bikes. Still a bit disappointing after handing out leaflets at shows and at local Suzuki dealers.

All those that were present were known to the Kent Centre or Kent BMF group. No newcomers.

We left just about 1210 with Graham leading and me as sweeper using the drop-off system. It all worked fine and we made it in one piece despite some of the roads after Stone Street being very narrow and the centre being a couple lined with two feet of crap and rubble/gravel.

We had a great time walking the dogs and chatting and finding out more about the charity and greyhounds. My allocated dog was called Cee-Cee although the Incredible Peeing Dog would be about right. Whether he was simply nervous or was marking his territory he had to have a pee every 1o yards max! Claire had a bitch called Figo.

After a few cakes and cups of tea and coffee we all went out own way home or onto lunch nearby.

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