1 June 2009

C2 - Peace and Quiet - Nirvana?

The Schuberth C2 has been a bane of my life. The most expensive helmet I have owned for years and years.

I thought I had a Shoei head, although years ago I had an Arai and it was a reasonable fit.

The Schuberth is in a different league for fit though. It's hard to describe how well it fits the contours of my head and with the skirts under the ears and the chinpiece envelope my head. I guess this is the same for all of us converts.

The bane though? I'd had it a few weeks and the top vent broke off and so it had to go back. Then more recently the left lock has failed on the chinpiece. I found a solution to this and will persevere and hope it doesn't go tits up full time.

The ride home tonight was the nearest to nirvana I've had for ages... where a motorcycle helmet is concerned. Quiet! On the way up to London I couldn't really tell how much better but on the way home it was bliss.

Another bane? I can't get the Scala bluetooth stuff fitted to it. If I am going to need the GPS I'll have to search out the wired connection and speakers and use that.

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