29 May 2009

'Twas a sunny day....

After a damp squib of a week it was nice to get up this morning to see the sun blazing in through the curtains.

A relaxed ride in even. It was the last day of half-term and so most people had decided to take the day off and so the run right upto the Blackwall Tunnel before the clag started.

Since the bus lanes were opened it has opened a few more miles of tarmac that we don't have to share with four wheelers. Catch up with a bus and try to get out and round it and then things can get more complex if you encounter some midget at the wheel of a 38-tonner. A guy on a CBF in front had a slanging match with a Scottish dwarf ranting at him from the safety of his cab. Quite exciting viewing though. Amazing though how many tough guys need 38 tons to feel like a man.

The ride home even better. Away from work at 4.15pm and down to Holborn to Infinity to see about getting my C2 fixed at long last. Although I have never managed to get it working with my Cardo setup, I want to be able to use it and get my money's worth. Even if I have to revert to a wired solution to get the Quest's instructions.

They were very helpful and so I need to take it in on Monday and see how long and how much it will be. The ride back via Aldwych and Bank and then back to Blackwall and beyond was easy enough and mostly relaxed back to the M25 and M20.

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