25 April 2009

Road King and Bruv!

Road King and Bruv!

Road King and Bruv!, originally uploaded by Devaldinho.

We had a ride to the Foundry at Robinsons in Canterbury to have a look at the H-D's and go out with my brother whilst he had a test of a bike that may be his ride in the US next year for his 50th birthday. His plan to do all or most of Route 66.

Strangely, I had a similar idea, but not Route 66, for our 10th wedding anniversary next year. Use the timeshare for the a week's stay in Florida, and add a few days on the beginning for a road trip and hire an HD from Peterson's in South Miami and "do" the Keys. Then have a car for the rest of the holiday.

Anyway, that's a year and a half away.

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