16 April 2009

Kent @ Wipers 09 III

Today I spent a little time to check the route and waypoints that I used to create the GDB file for the Garmins and an ITN file for the Tom-Tom users.

In the end I have removed the Guynemer Memorial and one of the Passendale stops. This is to allow us more time to get into the trenches at Essex Farm and the Yorkshire Trench and spend some time in the Passendale Museum in Zonnebeke. Plus I've factored in Hooge Crater for anyone that wants to go into it. Some of us have been there before.

It's a shame that the Bremen Redoubt has been closed as it was a chance to go down into the mud and water in a former German bunker discovered in the brick works at Zonnebeke.

On the 'Net I checked for other places and found another Trench system called the Bayernwald. I have to see about a trip there one day. Maybe that can be included in Wipers 10!

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