15 April 2009

Kent @ Wipers 09 II

The group to go to Ypres on Sunday has grown to around a dozen spread over 8 or 9 bikes. The problem will be in keeping them all together!!

We are supposed to use the drop-off system for ride-outs, but generally there aren't many of us and we can mostly see the front bike. We need this to go well!!

Of course, that's if we get there. There is a strike of French fishermen and thwy have blockaded the French ports, so at the moment no ferries across to France. It was supposed to be 24 hours, then it became 48 hours....

I've started a POI log for the run and will keep it up to date as best I can as we go round - http://www.poi66.com/maps/show_album?album=wipersmay2009

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